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National Public Radio reported from Cairo this morning that the continued political uncertainly in Egypt is keeping visitors away. It is true that Egypt has lost visitors — as you will read in this report, but all is not lost. Some tourists are still visiting and more will come in the future. Egypt is a resilient destination.

The big losers of the Arab Spring in Egypt aren’t just Hosni Mubarak and his allies.

Before the February revolution, one of every seven Egyptians made a living in the tourism industry. But nearly seven months after the popular uprising, foreign tourists are still largely staying away.

Their absence has delivered a multibillion-dollar financial blow that is reverberating from luxury tour operators down to vendors in Cairo’s bazaars.

At the Khan el-Khalili market, which is popular with foreign visitors, Hassan Abdel Ain chisels Islamic artwork onto a copper plate. He has spent more than a half-century perfecting his craft, and it used to bring him 20 sales a day.

Now, the weathered-looking artisan says he’s lucky if he can sell even one plate. Click here for more.

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