In the Washington Post today, front page attention to a possible US Government push to make it easier for visitors to come to the US…and hopefully shop. While the article emphasizes the shopping potential, this is really about increasing international tourism to the US.

“The United States has long imported its food and fuel, its cars and clothes. Now the faltering economy has sparked a push for another type of import: shoppers.

For the first time, lawmakers, businesses and even White House officials are courting consumers from cash-rich countries such as ChinaIndia and Brazil to fill the nation’s shopping malls and pick up the slack for penny-pinching Americans. They are wooing travelers with enticements such as coupons, beauty pageants and promises of visa reform. The payoff, they say, could be significant: 1.3 million new jobs and an $859 billion shot in the arm for the economy over the next decade.”  Click here for the rest of the story.


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