Tourism Australia reported today at the Australian Tourism Directions Conference in Canberra that the industry’s vision to double annual overnight tourist visitor spending to A$140 billion by 2020 remains firmly on track but with clear scope to further improve Australia’s global competitiveness in the sector.

Last week Tourism Research Australia set out the full extent of tourism’s current large contribution to the Australian economy now equating to A$72 billion per annum (5.6 per cent of Gross Domestic Product) and 876,000 direct or indirect tourism jobs, in its annual State of the Industry Report.

Tourism Australia has unveiled its commitment towards a 2020 India Strategic Plan to best position Australia to successfully compete and secure future high demand of Indian visitors from this critical long-term market.

Tourism Australia has also unveiled future plans for a new multi-faceted campaign for 2012 as the next phase of There’s Nothing Like Australia to specifically target the high yield or spending traveller.

Chairman of Tourism Australia Geoff Dixon said: “Twelve months ago at this conference we set out Australian tourism’s long-term vision, the 2020 Tourism Industry Potential, aimed at improving our industry’s performance by focusing on the markets that will drive the most profitable future growth.”

“One year on, unquestionably Australia’s tourism future lies firmly in Asia, counter-balanced with an ongoing strategic commitment by Tourism Australia to maintain support in our traditional western source markets such as the US, Europe and New Zealand.

“However continuing to develop the right long-term plan for each of Asia’s singular dynamic growth markets, currently headed by China, but with the future opportunities which present across North and South East Asia and we believe increasingly India, needs to now take place.

“Day in, day out, Australia’s tourism product is competitive with the world and better than most in many important categories. Australia has some of the world’s best tourism offerings, both natural and man-made. We now need to say this – and more often – and better demonstrate our unique, distinctive and world class product,” Mr Dixon said.

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