Rwanda is actively working to sustainably grow its tourism sector and the efforts are succeeding. Developments in Nyungwe National Park in the southern part of the country are helping to expand Rwanda’s eco-tourism and cultural tourism experiences.


  • The USAID-sponsored Nyungwe Nziza Project is helping to develop community tourism around Nyungwe National Park.
  • Through the Small Grants Fund of the Project’s CBET Program, a number of initiatives are taking shape:
  • The Friends of Nyungwe Cooperative in Kitabi are developing and building a cultural village, which will include a campsite for tourists as well as a restaurant with catering services, and agri-tourism with tea tours around the site.
  • The Cyamudongo Tourism and Promotion Cooperative will showcase the unique culture of the Bukunzi kingdom that was once located in that region, as well as facilitate chimpanzee tourism and visits to the hot springs located in the nearby Bugarama.
  • The Banda Pillar of Nature and Tourism Promotion Cooperative offers visitors community tourism product experiences that include 1) a community walk with visits to village houses for demonstrations of banana-beer-making, maize-grinding, blacksmithing, and traditional medicine preparation; 2)  dance presentations, 3) visit to the King’s Palace and a traditional wedding hut. Banda also includes a developed campsite with tents and mattresses for hire along with a handicraft sales kiosk and small canteen/restaurant.   
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